Technology That Influences Sports Gambling Industry The Most

Sports betting and gambling industry, in general, has always been one step ahead when it comes to technology. In other words, they tried to bring the best to the gambling lovers by always optimizing their experience with various tech gadgets, cool games, etc. They also find a way to incorporate various promotions such as the Get Lucky casino bonus into their everyday operations and still provide a seamless experience.

But, there is one piece of technology which gained popularity in the past decade and is slowly being adopted by every major industry in the world – Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Thanks to numerous sci-fi movies we’ve seen in the past, it’s highly likely everyone has a notion of what AI is. However, unlike the movies, it is still a far cry from being able to take over humanity and subdue humans to its will. In fact, it is a pretty useful piece of technology that tends to recognize problems and provide creative solutions to them.

For example, when you type a few words on Google and it gives you some suggestions, it’s the AI making fast deductions and suggesting you possible search queries. But how can it affect betting?

How Can AI Affect Betting Industry?

There are several ways it can help both the players and the bookmakers.

First of all, AI can predict the outcome of the game by taking into account numerous factors, making the calculations, and displaying the simplest prediction. It is the same way that the odds are created nowadays on the online betting sites – AI does the heavy lifting part and helps decision makers by presenting them with odds suggestions.

Furthermore, many online betting platforms have already embedded AI, which helps their users navigate through it and place bets accordingly.

Will AI Make Betting Useless?

The logical question that arises here is whether AI will become so powerful to actually do all the betting guessing instead of a human? It will not.

The beauty of sports is that they mostly feature humans and not AI-driven machines. Humans happen to have this complex thing called psychology which often plays a very important role when it comes to winning the games. No AI can actually predict how someone would feel during the game or what their thoughts may be – and these are the exact things that lead to teams and individuals making surprises and beating the favorites.

Do We Really Need AI?

At this moment, there are no harmful things that AI can do when it comes to sports and sports betting. It is currently helping the platforms a lot by making all the calculations and letting them focus on more important things. AI primarily serves right now as a money-saver as many people would be required to do the work that AI does in a matter of seconds.


To sum up, AI is definitely here to stay and those platforms which do not accept the technology would probably not be competitive anymore. So far, betting has become a much more amazing experience and we can only be grateful that it helped to bring online entertainment to another level.