What the Future of Sports Betting Will Probably Look Like

It’s no secret that sports betting has changed dramatically over just a couple of decades. While you do still see guests placing their bets in person at the casino as they hang out with a friend and watch the game(s) with a beer or two, it seems as if that will not always be the norm. With the widespread use of mobile technology and bonus codes such as the Coral promo code, apps, social media, virtual reality, and more, it’s hard to know exactly what the future will hold for sports betting. Understanding the technologies and trends in this realm, however, we can make an educated guess at what the future of sports betting will probably look like.

Online Betting     

Even more so than today, the future of sports betting will drastically rely on the internet. As phones become faster and smarter and apps become easier to use, it is very likely that a large majority of sports betting will take place over the smartphone rather than in person. Apps are constantly improving, making it easier for bets to be placed and payments to be completed all in one tap.

Algorithms and Predictions

There are already some applications or software that can predict the outcome of races and sporting events, giving the gambler a unique advantage. There was a startup, in fact, that utilized mathematics and algorithms to correctly predict the outcome of the 2017 Super Bowl—down to the very score. As these algorithms continue to be improved upon, you can bet that gamblers will lean on them more and more before placing their bets.


It is very likely that robots will be heavily relied on in the future of sports betting. Robots will be able to place bets under very specific conditions, without human error but at the direction of humans. These robots will likely be able to digest information from cameras and sound systems on the field/track and use that information when placing the bets as well.


Biometric sensors placed on athletes’ bodies to monitor certain information (heart rate, speed, temperature, etc.) will be an invaluable technological advance in the future of sports betting. This information can then be sold to companies seeking to perfect their algorithms and then set the odds and/or advise gamblers on placing bets. Biometrics will be an especially lucrative new field for the future of sports betting, and will also rely heavily on robots and algorithms.

Virtual Reality

It is more likely than not that sports betting will soon utilize virtual reality to improve the experience of sports betting. This could mean allowing individuals to “sit” in a sports lounge, watching games and chatting with other customers virtually while placing bets, or it could mean allowing users to attend a game “virtually” while placing bets.