The Best High-Tech Gadgets For The Green-Fingered

Although gardening is a much interesting hobby or job, it can be very difficult at times if you don’t possess sufficient knowledge and work without the right tools. Technology is really is really improving—and in the gardening industry as well. Nowadays, you’d be amazed at how much you can get done with the aid of high tech gadgets. Below is a list of the best high-tech gadgets to improve your gardening skills.

Gardener’s Handbook App

This is a free Android app that functions as a 24/7 professional gardener by your side. It is full of gardening tips, new planting ideas, and many tips that will help you create the garden you’ve always wanted.

Parrot Flower Power

The Parrot Flower Power is a wireless monitor that keeps track of your entire garden’s moisture, light exposure, temperature levels, and fertilizer intensities. All of this information is updated regularly to your smartphone.

Garden Camera

If you like watching progress as it occurs, then you’ll need the Garden WatchCam. This camera doesn’t have many megapixels (usually less than 2) but it is able to take pictures by the minute—24 hours a day.

Bosch Isio

This multi-purpose tool is impressive. Whatever you accomplished around the garden, you can get it done with this invention by Bosch. The Isio has a lightweight design and works off a lithium-ion battery, which makes it a very efficient tool. Bordering, trimming, cutting—you name it—Isio can do it.


This is a camera specifically designed for a garden. It uses infrared tech to analyze the health and composition of plants. What’s unique about the Infragram is that it makes it possible to see the secret inner life of plants like never before.

Stihl HLA telescopic hedge trimmer

With this cutting-edge, battery-powered tool you can sculpt and shape any kind of shrubs. There is no need for ladders anymore—the Stihl HLA can extend as much as 330cm, making it easy to reach high-level branches.

Batavia 3-in-1 Weeder

When using this high-tech weeder, there is no need for herbicides. The Batavia 3-in-1 Weeder is a thermal weeding instrument that will immediately wipe out any dandelion-infested pathways by blowing high-pressure blasts of hot air.

Hozelock Cloud Controller

If you like to keep your garden watered for maximum growth capacity, this invention is a must-have. Hozelock also invented an irrigation set-up which can be linked to this cloud controller thus making it possible to remotely irrigate your plants with your smartphone. It also warns of possible weather alerts and how you should change your watering routine.

Husqvarna Automower

If you want to take gardening to the next level, then get a hold of the Husqvarna Automower. Although quite expensive, this high-tech gadget will remotely mow your lawn at the touch of your finger. On top of that, you can keep track of the area it is mowing via GPS. Once the job is done, you can remotely shut it down.

Netatmo Weather Station

The Netatmo Weather Station comes in two versions: indoor and outdoor modules. Both can assess atmospheric conditions by using weather instruments which you probably know, for example, thermometer, rain gauge, and wind gauge. Overall, you can measure everything like air quality, pressure, and air humidity. All of this information is sent directly to your smartphone to keep you updated.