6 Current Trends in the Online Gambling Industry

Nearly every form of communication or entertainment on the internet continues to grow and change every year, and the online gambling industry is no exception to this ongoing innovation. It is clear that the future of online gambling is inextricably tied with the internet (including competitive bonus codes) and technology in general. Having this in mind, here’s a look at some of the current trends happening now in the industry.

Virtual Reality

The online gambling industry has successfully tapped into the world of virtual reality. Users can now experience a gambling experience, whether it’s a game of blackjack or sitting at a slot machine, all while never leaving their homes. They can enjoy the sights, sounds, and (in some cases) interactions of a real gaming setting, all through a headset and simple controller. While there is still a lot of room for improvement in this particular arena, it is definitely an exciting trend and one that shows great promise.

Virtual Sports

Within the virtual reality experience is the world of virtual sports. Rather than waiting for the game to come on next Sunday so you can place your bets, virtual sporting allows for a unique experience, as well as more gambling flexibility. It allows participants to experience a sporting event, and place their bets, all from their couch or computer chair.

Live Gaming

Another trend is called live gaming, when viewers tune in to watch other plays games live. While it is similar to eSports in some ways (discussed below), it is unique in that it utilizes technology such as Facebook Live to bring table games and Wheel of Fortune-type games straight to the viewer.

Skill Games

These games require more than just luck, and gamblers place their bets based on the game and the skill level of the player. Gamers will also have access to a leaderboard, where they can check out the best bets as well as their competition. While some of these skill games revolve around traditional casino games, many others are simple games that many of us enjoy playing on our phones—Bejeweled, Tetris, Candy Crush, and others. If there’s a skill involved, you can bet there’s money to be made.

Content Push

Another trend that gamers have noticed and will continue to see is content push by the online gambling industry. In this instance, the online games utilize some sort of content and incorporate it into the online game itself. For example, a Harry Potter-themed slot game may utilize content from the Harry Potter “world” (i.e. characters, plot lines, tokens) as a reward for the player or as a guideline in the game.

Mobile Betting

With constant improvements to cell phones and all other mobile devices, it’s no surprise that mobile betting has kept pace. Sports and traditional casino games are still the most common options for making bets via a mobile device, but developers are working on expanding these experiences for online gamblers. With the ease of placing a bet at the push of a button (or tapping your finger on the screen in most instances), this is another trend that will likely only continue to expand.

With the tremendous growth over the internet over the past few decades, it is no wonder that online gambling has taken off as it has. As innovators continue to study the market and make advances in technology, it is very likely that these trends in the online gambling industry, along with others, will only continue to grow and improve the experience for the gamer.