Shaping Your Casino Revenue: Top 7 Marketing Trends

Marketing is the flesh and blood of any strong company. For casinos, marketing is more important than ever before, with increased competition from virtual casinos, illegal online betting, and more. To increase your casino’s reach and revenue, here are some of the top marketing trends most successful in this industry.

Social Media

Do not underestimate the power of social media to substantially increase your marketing reach.

Make sure your casino is on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook at the very least. Your posts and content need to be interesting right off the bat and need to be unique in order for them to be memorable. Even if your posts aren’t always gaming-relating or self-promoting, having memorable, unique content will earn you new and lasting followers, which will translate to new customers.

New Player Incentives

These incentives need to be enticing enough to get the potential customer to your casino, not just any casino. Think spa treatments, meal vouchers, and more. Of course, free playing money is also a good start but think of ways to make the offers to new players unique and exceptional. Take a look at the bonus from VideoSlots to see how it’s done.

Rewards that Matter

For your frequent players, make sure you’re showing them your appreciation and offering them rewards that they might actually want. If a hotel, spa, or nice restaurant is also part of your casino, definitely give your loyal customers some free offers associated with that. Don’t be afraid to also survey your frequent fliers and ask them what kind of rewards they would most appreciate.

Capitalizing on Space

If you have extra space in your casino, put it to good use. Maybe you set up that virtual reality lounge where guests can order specialty drinks and food while they explore virtual worlds. Or, perhaps you create a space for under-21-year-olds so that they can still accompany their of-age friends/parents, yet be entertained the whole time as well.

Retail Gaming

This strategy utilizes grocery stores, liquor stores, airports, hotel lobbies, and other frequently-visited retail/hospitality locations. All it takes is one or two slot machines or video poker games to create additional revenue and use it as a marketing tool.

Mobile Apps

Casinos can expand their reach (and their marketing power) by taking advantage of mobile technology. Creating an app that allows members to place wagers, especially on sporting events, is becoming extremely popular. Another perk is that gamblers tend to be much less cautious with their bets when placing them on their phone as opposed to in-person, and you’re much more likely to be able to take advantage of those last-minute, “why not?” kind of bets. You can also utilize an app to grow your reward system for customers, inform customers about new promotions and events, and more.

Focused Spending

Look carefully at who is spending the most money at your facilities. It is likely 10% of your visitors that account for 80% or more of your revenue. Treat those guests like royalty, but also utilize their willingness and ability to spend on high-class experiences. Whether this means expanding your high-class eatery options or building more hotel suites or even adding more high-roller tables, prioritize what this marketing segment prioritizes.