Global Warming May Be Escalating Faster Than Experts Foresee

Global warming is one of the biggest issues facing humanity. Scientists have proven the harmful effects that it has on the planet’s average surface temperature. If it continues in this course of action, the future is very uncertain.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Recently, a UN report drafted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was leaked to the press. It states that by 2040, global warming will surpass the maximum temperature target set three years ago in the Paris accord. This report is yet another wake-up call for us to realize the dangers that can result from this phenomenon.

The IPCC said that unless countries carry out “rapid and far-reaching” measures to change the world’s economy, temperatures can rise 1.5C above current levels.

Reuters is the Flagship of This Campaign

The famous newspaper— Reuters—published the report ahead of the official publication date set for October. Although the report is still not in its final version (lacking revision and approval by government officials), the Reuters is urging world leaders to take decisive action to fight against the harmful effects of global warming before it’s too late.

Expert Groups Created the Report

Experts from all over the world met to revise the current course of action after the Climate Change Summit of Paris and Morocco. All considerations—over 25,000 comments—are gathered in this report. One of the most radical conclusions is that if human activities that produce carbon dioxide are not reduced substantially, and worldwide renewable energy usage rise above 60% by 2020, the world will not meet the target set out by the 195 countries in the Paris climate agreement.

The Report is Not Yet Final

After the leak, the IPCC immediately released a statement expressing its regret for the incident. It also said that although the content of the report can be deep-seated, it is still ongoing revision and can even change—for better or worse—in the coming months. The panel is still awaiting feedback from reviewers in addition to further scientific research.

The IPCC and the United States

The IPCC did not make any upsetting remarks on the United States after president Trump withdrew from the Paris accord last year. Trump said that the main reason was that the Paris Agreement had a “harmful” effect on the American economy—particularly the coal and oil industries. Either way, the US is one of the top world producers of carbon-dioxide, and its commitment towards fighting global warming is necessary.

The entire globe is already suffering the effects of climate change. Natural disasters such as droughts, flooding, and earthquakes can be linked back to rising temperatures. This negative impact can be reduced if countries carry out more radical measures to stop global warming.