The Basics of Planting a Tree

Many people believe that planting a tree is as simple as digging a hole and putting the plant into it. Doing this alone will not guarantee that the plant will survive. In planting and growing a tree to maturity, there are many vital factors to consider. Below is a list of the steps and requirements to help you through the process of tree planting.

Research Local Climate

Find out what the weather is like in your area. There are many tree species and each one survives and grows under different conditions. It is advisable to use the Plant Hardiness Zone scale to determine your climate.

Know Your Land

The surface and structure of the land are very important. Characteristics like the slope, drainage, and erosion levels will have a notable impact on the tree you plant. If conditions are extreme, the tree may not survive.

Zoning Laws

You may not know this but there may be community zoning laws to consider about trees and the freedom that you have to plant a new one. It is essential to check with your legal system to ensure you can dig a hole on your property and plant a new tree. Failure to do so may force you to remove it or pay fines.

Seek Professional Advice

Unless you are an expert in tree-planting, it is advisable to seek help from a professional arborist. Consulting someone who is skilled and trained to plant and care for trees is that best way to keep your tree in good health.

Buy the Right Tree

After takings into account all your research and professional advice, it is time to purchase your plant species. Choosing the right tree will not only ensure a higher survival rate but compliment your home as well.

Ensure that the tree has bare roots, and avoid those that are in closed containers.

Select the Right Time Of The Day To Plant It

This is also very important. Do some research or ask an expert about the time of day that is best for the planting, growing, and survival of your tree species.

Prepare the Tree For Planting

Take the tree out of its container and keep enough dirt around its roots. Also, don’t take too long to replant it as it might die. Dig a big enough hole and put the tree into it, then add dirt and mulch around it to seal the hole. Finally, water the tree once it is planted and keep a regular watering schedule until it is old enough to survive on its own.