8 Things That Every Website Owner Should Consider This Year

If you own a website, it can be difficult keeping up with all of the new trends and technologies. How should you handle marketing on your website? How should you handle public interaction with your website? Should you utilize social media? In this article, you’ll learn about the top priorities for any website owner and how to implement those.

Speed is Everything

In the world of instant-everything, visitors to your website do not want to wait for your content to load. Your website should be created with this in mind and do everything that you can on your end to expedite loading times. Google has a tool called Pagespeed Insight that can help you view your load time and offers suggestions on how to improve it.


Your website absolutely needs to be compatible with mobile device viewing. You can check your website and see its mobile view to ensure that visitors are getting an optimal experience.

Utilize Social Media

Your website should have links to all of your (professional) social media sites as well. Be sure to correctly push the appropriate content for the appropriate social media outlet. Being active on social media will also help draw in new viewers to our website.

SEO Smarts  

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and relates to how often your website is linked to online searches for information. For example, if your website highlights a local business, make sure you have your location and the business offerings clearly published on your website so that you will get a hit when someone searches “plumber in Sacramento.” The point here is to utilize key search words and phrases so that your website is one of the first that shows up in a certain search.


Tracking analytics for your website is the best tool for tracking viewer clicks and finding areas for improvement. The creation and management of your website should include a tool to measure traffics, conversions, and other activities performed by visitors to your site.

Keep it Secure

Especially in the age of credit breaches and banking scams, you must be able to guarantee the security of your website to its visitors. Whatever tool you use to design your website will give you options for security; this is one area you do not want to skimp on. It is also wise to make sure that any necessary disclosures are accurate and up-to-date.

SSL Security

This goes along with keeping your website secure, but it is also a signal to the website visitor that your site is safe to visit. Some browsers or programs will alarmingly alert the websurfer when they’ve landed on a page that does not have a valid SSL certificate. You don’t want visitors to leave your website because they get this notification, so make sure you have a valid SSL certificate.

Fresh Content

Regardless of what type of content management system you might utilize, it’s important to have one so that you can push out fresh content frequently. Having interesting, new, relevant content is also a good way to expand your social media presence as you link the new content to each of your accounts.