8 Sports Betting Tips Every Punter Needs To Know

While sports betting is enjoyed by many, most sports bettors don’t have an exact strategy when placing bets. Rather than just throwing money at your favorite team with the help of the Ladbrokes promo code, keep these tips in mind before placing your bet.

Understand the Vig

The vig is the difference between the amount of what you have to bet and the payout if you win. A typical example would be if you have to bet 110 to win 100; the difference between the two is your vig. You should definitely capitalize on any chance you get to make a bet when there is zero vig or a very low vig.

Read the Lines

In a sports bet, there will be one team listed with a  “plus” number, and one team with a “negative” number listed next to it. These are the lines that the bookmakers set. Think of it as an area for wiggle room. For example, if a matchup of the Chicago Bears against the New Orleans Saints has the Bears listed as +7 and the Saints as -7.

Depending on the outcome, you would then add or subtract the listed number to the final score as appropriate. In this situation, if you bet on the Bears, you would win your bet if they won the game (regardless of the score) or if they lost by six points or less. This is very important to correctly understand when placing sports bets.

Watch for Tight Lines on Big Games

Bookmakers (or “bookies”) know their stuff and do the research before setting the lines. In a big game, it is not uncommon for the lines to become tighter as bookies adjust the lines in reaction to a large amount of bets being placed. Try to get in early on these bets when the odds are more in your favor. Anticipated close games will also have tight lines, and may not be worth betting on.

Don’t Underestimate Hometown Advantage

There is a serious and substantial advantage for home teams. The players are more comfortable and familiar with field conditions, crowd noise, weather patterns, and more. Also, take note of a team’s track records home and away and that will help educate your bet.

Stay Level-Headed

There is ample evidence to show that people make more ludicrous bets when they’re in an emotional state, either upset or happy. If you’re so happy about your big win, don’t rush over to the bookie and place a large bet on the next game. Give yourself some time, at least a few hours (hopefully a day or two) to make a rational, measured decision.

Pay Attention to Specifics

Similar to noticing the home-team advantage, also pay attention to game specifics. This includes weather, starting lineup, any rivalry that may exist, and more. These can all factor heavily into the outcome of a game or match.

Be Okay With Losing

You will lose once in a while when gambling, it’s just a fact. You need to be okay with losing (just losing wisely). Squash the urge to keep gambling until you win all of your money back; that is a guaranteed losing strategy.

Go Hungry

Some research shows that placing bets on an empty or even a growling stomach will help you make better decisions. Being happy and full can make your mind slower and lead to unwise bets.