The Best and Worst Houseplants – Choose Wisely!

Choosing the best plant for your home can sometimes be really difficult. Although many plants may not seem to have any kind of effect on you immediately, they can have some long-term effects which you will either like or dislike.

In this manner, it is difficult to say whether some plants are good or bad for your home as people have different perspectives of a “good home”. In other words, what may seem as a harm for one person may be beneficial for another.

This article will present some really interesting plants – two of them considered really useful and good and two of them considered overall bad for your personal space and your wellbeing. Let’s take a look!

English Ivy – Best Against Allergies

If you happen to be allergic to certain substances found in air, you might want to choose a plant that can help you with that. Although plants themselves cannot completely help you as air purifiers, they can really contribute by absorbing some of the harmful substances that cause allergies.

NASA conducted a research that suggested English ivy was one of the best plants to keep in your house or apartment for purifying effects and in order to lower surprise allergy attacks.

There are, of course, many plants which can cause allergies, such as ferns or weeping figs – you should definitely avoid these.

California Ivy – Pets May Suffer

Pets do not react well to some plants, and California Ivy is one of the plants that are often mentioned in such context. It can irritate the skin of your pet and even cause conditions such as blister or redness. Furthermore, there are cases of excessive drooling and even a rash. There are many other things that California Ivy can do to your pet. Tend to stay away from these if you have pets!

Jasmine – Natural Scent for Positive Attitude

One of the most important things when it comes to planets are their fragrances and people often overlook this fact. If you are looking for a plant that will do no harm and still fill the air of your home with freshness and great scent, you need to consider buying Jasmine.

Not all plants smell great and if you are the type of person that likes freshness of your home, you should avoid plants such as bamboo which is famous for its absence of any type of scent.

Elephant Ear – A Pain in The Neck Maintenance

Some plants are easier to maintain than the others. You do not want your plant to take much of your time. It is natural to devote some time daily to a plant but not as much as you would devote to a pet, let alone a kid. In this manner, you should avoid elephant ear as it is one of those plants that need to be watered several times a day with the exact amount of water.

Another plant that is also really difficult to maintain is the Autumn fern which not only requires a specific amount of water but you should also make sure it’s not exposed to the Sun too much or too little.

On the other hand, you want to consider snake plants which will definitely improve your home and give freshness to your space without you spending too much time around them.